I have struggled with my weight for my entire life. I have been on every diet known to man and spend thousands and thousands of dollars in my attempt to lose weight. I tried numerous personal trainers and ended up being frustrated with the lack of their personal investment in me, and my goals. On a last ditch effort, I thought I would give personal training one more try when I saw Cheryl’s ad at the Abington Club. She was personable and understanding and made me feel comfortable confiding in her about my hang- ups and my goals. The results: I lost 30 lbs in 6 weeks!! But more importantly I felt strong and confident for the first time in my life. I felt like I could do this and win the war against the weight! I’d recommend Cheryl without hesitation to anyone and especially to that person who has given up on diets, on trainers and given up on yourself. There is hope and I am proof. Cheryl changed my life, let her change yours!
— Caroline

“We found out that Cheryl was doing a boot-camp style workout so we decided to drop in for a work-out. On the drive to the class I commented to my wife and daughter that I thought the class would probably pale in comparison to the workouts we are accustomed too. WRONG! The class turned out to be spot-on and was physically challenging. The varied stations were great and the fact that the class was being conducted on the beach made for a beautiful backdrop and increased the level of difficulty by 20% or more. It is obvious that Cheryl knows her stuff and the $10 was well spent. I would highly recommend working out with Cheryl you will not be disappointed.”
— John

You have made a huge impact in my life and I will never forget you!!! I Lost a total of 30lbs and still going strong. Doing classes like TRX training, Body Boot Camp, Cardio Kick and Body Combat!!! There is nothing I won’t try, I ran the Philly Half-Marathon and attached is a picture:-). I Miss You Tons!!! and this Summer I look forward to doing Boot Camp/Kettle bells on the beach with you in Sea-Isle:-)
— Akeeka

I have known Cheryl, as a fitness trainer for both individuals and sports teams, for the past ten years. In March, 2009 I asked Cheryl to help the La Salle College High School Football Team with their strength, conditioning and flexibility workouts. Cheryl took our team through workouts, specifically strength and flexibility, and our team improved immensely using her workouts. She demonstrated a take charge attitude and immediately gained the players respect and controlled the group from the very start. Her motivation, knowledge and command of the sessions were very evident and most importantly the workouts proved very productive.

We adopted many of the exercises she demonstrated to our full time workouts and continued using them throughout the pre-season and season.
— Drew Gordon (head football coach, La Salle College High School)

Thank you for training me for the past four years. I have learned so much. I realized that my body can do much more than my mind thinks it can. Whenever I am either exhausted in a game or about to give up, I think to myself, “If you can survive Cheryl, you can do this;” as odd as that little saying might seem, it really does help and I owe it all to you. I truly appreciate all the time and effort you put into making these workouts challenging, relatable to our sports, and in a weird work out way, fun. Thank you for teaching me to always try harder and never give up, I will need it next year. Thank you!!
— Sydney

I have known Cheryl Herzog for close to 5 years. All you have to do is mention the name “Cheryl” in the hallways of Upper Dublin and the girls who have attended her preseason workout sessions either smile or cringe because they know she can really “kick their butt” so to speak.

While working and training high school athletes, a person needs a certain personality to reach all levels of ability. Cheryl can reach every single athlete right where they are and challenge and work them to become better. She has that quality, work ethic and passion that inspires the girls to do their best and is evident in her own fitness level.
The girls’ lacrosse team has won three straight league championships. We came into the season and were able to outrun our opponents because of our fitness level. It all starts with the preseason workouts that Cheryl Herzog offers to anyone that wants to take her on!
— Dee Cross (Upper Dublin High School Girls Lacrosse Coach)

It is with confidence and great pleasure that I enthusiastically write this letter of recommendation for Cheryl. I have been working out at the gym for over fifteen years. I have had many experiences with personal trainers and I can say that without a doubt there are none that compare to Cheryl. She has a vast knowledge of the body and of the latest techniques. Cheryl is able to appropriately apply and work with all individuals, ranging from professional athletes to the elderly. Cheryl gives all the attention and planning to each and every client as though they were her only client. Her enthusiasm for what she does is contagious and she is able to encourage you to be the best you can be. Every Cheryl workout you leave with a sense of huge accomplishment.

I have recommended her to numerous friends and all have become Cheryl devotees.
— Terri

I really wanted to thank you for the work you did with me both as part of the Golf fitness program and our individual sessions. As you know, I have a history of heart problems and so was very reluctant to work with a personal trainer or to participate in a group with others who did not have pre-existing health issues. My concerns were unfounded because you were able to individualize the pace and workload within the group program and, of course, in my individual sessions. As a result I came much further than ever before and further than I would ever have believed possible and the quality of my life increased dramatically!

Cheryl, I have participated in various post-heart attack training and recovery programs over the last 13 years, and exercised on my own as well. My experience with you far exceeds any previous effort. You are an excellent motivator with insight into each of your clients that allows you to bring the most out of them to the greatest effect almost without them realizing it.
— John